Waste Heat Recovery

PFD waste heat.png

The bGen™ is used to collect and recover heat from the flue gas output, to generate electricity and/or steam. Heat is stored and later used, at time periods that maximize savings and optimize return on investment. 

Vast amounts of thermal energy from various process industries (in the form of flue-gas exhausts, cooling streams, etc.) are currently being wasted by disposal into the environment. The recovery and reuse of these waste-heat streams can significantly improve the overall energy and economic efficiencies of many process plants across a broad range of industries.

Looking at the steel industry, which is one of the highest energy and emissions-intensive sectors, there are multiple options for waste heat recovery in ore smelting furnaces. Electric arc furnaces (EAF) are considered as important and highly suitable candidates for waste heat recovery projects. The off-gas (i.e., flue-gas) has a high potential for energy recovery.

Brenmiller Energy’s thermal storage system, named - The bGen™, is used to collect and store waste heat from the furnace flue gas output. The system can discharge the energy upon demand to generate electricity and steam. Heat is being stored to be used at time periods that maximize the overall savings.