Storage based Generation System

A unique configuration combining 3 key elements


bGen™ Thermal Storage

Key Advanteges

Lower price per $/kW stored

Lowest price per KWh stored, $1-2 cents

Multiple Heat Sources

Seamless integration of any given heat source

Lifetime Durability

Unlimited discharging cycles

Renewable Source

Only environment-friendly materials used

Low Maintenance

Passive unit with minimal O&M and unlimited cycles


From 500KWh to Several GWh

Leading storage technologies

Batteries Molten Salt Pumped Hydro bGen™ Thermal Storage
Installation Size 1kW-10MW 20MW and up 100MW and up 0.5MW and up to 100’s of MW’s
Cost per kWe Stored* ** $300-$3,500 $310-$700 $500-$4,600 $80
Round Trip Efficiency 75%-95% 40%-93% 50%-85% 95%
Key Facts Operation mode affects life cycle (limited economic lifetime) Active unit, requires constant heating (high O&M cost) to prevent solidification, corrosion Topographical and geology requirements Passive unit (low O&M cost), operation mode doesn’t affect life cycle
Environmental Impacts Hazardous (chemical / non recycle) Hazardous (freezing risk) Severe ground interference Non-hazardous materials