Clean, low-cost, undegradable storage

bGen  is a patented thermal energy storage unit based on crushed rocks which combines three elements:
(1) Heat exchanger, (2) thermal storage and (3) steam generator.

bGen is a very cost-effective solution for 3+ hours of storage. The unit’s low cost, little maintenance, no augmentation for 30 years drives the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to a record low price.

bGen can receive heat from various sources, such as residual heat from power generators, solar heat from collector tubes, designed burners, biogas sources or other heat generators. Depending on application, the output varies between stable superheated steam for electricity generation, saturated steam for industry, hot or cold water for C&I climate control

Heat is stored in modular sub-units, filled with crushed rocks which allows to conduct tens of thousands of charge/discharge cycles with no degradation in performance. The unit can produce superheated steam or industrial steam through the same channel, using its inherent steam generator. When the unit is charged, a controlled temperature profile is maintained, transforming the feed water flow into a steady and stabilized superheated steam. The system controls the pressure and temperature of the generated power, assuring a steady output flow, regardless of the unit charging level.


Comparable energy storage solutions


Brenmiller Energy’s technology was acknowledged as groundbreaking by the EU, and has received the EU’s seal of excellence under the H2020 program.