Storage Based Generation

Connecting Conventional & Renewable Generation

Brenmiller’s mission is to provide environmentally conscious solutions that are economically viable. Through the expertise and creative thinking of our team, with over 30 years of industry experience, we have evolved far beyond the scope of just solar power in pursuit of our vision. Our products can effectively, and cleanly provide solutions for multiple applications at competitive prices.


Roundtrip Efficiency

Clean Energy


Uniquely hybridizing energy sources like solar, biomass or any other heat source, our power plants can cover base load demands in a clean and effective manner.

Storage based CHP - Autonomous storage based generation system for all your power and thermal demands. Optimizing local energy generation and lowering emissions.

  •  Full Autonomy
  •  Off Grid System
  •  Energy Security


Excess grid power in converted to heat, stored and released back to the grid on demand.

Load Shifting, Matching between power supply and demand and balancing the grid, by shifting heat from off-pick to pick hours.