Rotem 1

Thermal Solar & Natural Gas

Based Thermal Storage






Dimona, Israel  

Thermal Solar & Natural Gas

75 MWht

Israel Electricity Company


Rotem1 power plant is the first of two projects that are being developed by Brenmiller Energy in Israel, based on its innovative thermal storage technology.

The project is in advance stage of construction and expected to be grid-connected in 2021. This 1.7MW + 16 hours storage project combines CSP- thermal solar as a primary energy source (85%) and natural gas (15%).

The project includes a 5MW parabolic trough field which heats a 75MWht bGen™ thermal storage, generate superheated steam feeding a 1.7MW steam turbine. The plant is designed to supply electricity at a capacity factor of 64% (5,600 hours per year).

The project will allow for continuous operation of up to 24 hours a day of electricity supply to the national grid, thanks to the bGen™ storage unit. Brenmiller Energy signed a 20 years Power Purchase Agreement with the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) at 0.84 NIS/kWh.

Brenmiller Energy is the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the plant, and the supplier of the thermal storage system for the project.