Electricity to Heat

Storage Based Steam Generator 

Charged with Electricity, Deliver Industrial Heat on Demand ES- 7013

E2 Heat.png

The ES-7013 product from Brenmiller Energy is a high-temperature Energy storage unit, charged from an Electrical such as renewable energy from a PV field, renewable energy form a Wind Turbine or directly from the Grid when electricity tariffs are low. The electricity input is converted to a high temperature heat inherently within the ES-7013 unit, using embedded conversion heaters. As a result, the achieved conversion efficiency from electricity to heat is 99%. Through the patented technology, utilizing inherently the electricity conversion to heat, the heat exchanger, the steam generator and the storage media, the charged energy is stored internally as high temperature heat and delivered as Industrial Steam, Hot water or Hot Air. Such an output delivery takes place only when demanded by the industrial process or tool, at the production floor. The technology decouples between the intermittent charging time



slots of the Electricity sources and the diverse delivery time slots of the output. As part of the system design, charging from electricity sources and delivery of steam can take place in parallel or in serial, with no dependency between the 2 cycles. PV for instance, can charge the ES-7013 during the 8 sunlight hours while steam output from the charged unit can be delivered continuously for 20 hours during the working shifts of the production floor. In a different scenario, steam can be delivered during the evening 6 hours of high Grid tariff. The system has a high economic value in cases of high gaps between TOD electricity slot prices or high gaps between the Grid electricity prices and the available renewable electricity sources as wind or solar. Multiple ES-7013 units can be used to form the size of a certain application.