Clean, low-cost, undegradable storage

bGen™ is a patented high-temperature thermal energy storage unit stored in solid (crushed rock) material which combines three elements: (1) Thermal storage, (2) Heat exchanger and (3) steam generator.

bGen™ is cost-effective,  little maintenance, no augmentation for 30 years drives the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to a record low price.

Heat is stored in modular sub-units, and is capable of accepting multiple forms of heat or electricity (using embedded electrical heaters), and released as superheated steam for electricity generation, saturated steam for industry or hot water upon demand. When the unit is charged, a controlled temperature profile is maintained, transforming the feed water flow into a steady and stabilized steam. The system controls the pressure and temperature of the generated power, assuring a steady output flow, regardless of the unit charging level.


The concept behind the bGen™ System is relatively simple and is easy to control. The bGen™ is operated autonomously, so that the allocation of manpower for routine operation is minimal. The automatic control system regulates the operation of the power production unit, as well as the charge and discharge of the bGen™ thermal storage based on the customer electricity demand.


bGen™ has zero carbon emissions as it doesn’t consume any additional fuel. It is composed of only non-hazardous materials and no chemicals, oils or salts are involved. The bGen™ is designed to conduct tens of thousands of charge/discharge cycles with no degradation in performance, reducing the environmental impacts associated with requiring multiple equipment replacements during product lifetimes.

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