Fortlev 1

Biomass To Hot Air

Based Thermal Storage






Anápolis, Brazil

Biomass To Hot Air

1000 KWht



The product that will be used In this project is The bGen™-BS-7011 system.

A modular high temperature thermal storage system which is charged from hot gas delivered by wood pallets burning system. Upon demand, the system discharges thermal energy in the form of hot air to be used by the rotomoulding process, a unique process in Fortlev plants to produce plastic water tanks. The system offers a solution for Fortlev to reduce fuel consumption and costs.
The storage medium, a solid-state material, heats up during the charging process and stores thermal energy. When discharged, the storage delivers hot air to the rotomoulding process, suppling it with the thermal energy it requires and thus lowering the air’s temperature. The returned cooler air is circulated back into the storage to be heated again the delivered back to the rotomoulding process in a closed loop.