Rotem 2

PV & Natural Gas

Based Thermal Storage






Dimona, Israel  

PV & Natural Gas

115 MWht

Israel Electricity Company


Rotem2 power plant is the second of two projects that are being developed by Brenmiller Energy in Israel, based on its innovative thermal storage technology. The project is in preliminary development and expected to be grid connected in 2022. Rotem2 power plant is based on a photovoltaic solar array that collects solar energy when available to dispatch electricity directly to the grid. The PV field is oversized with comparison to the nominal electric power, so that the excess produced electricity is stored as thermal energy within the bGen™, which is released at non-solar conditions for electricity production.

A solar array of 25MWp PV panels will heat a 115MWht bGen™ thermal storage, generate superheated steam feeding a 10MW steam turbine. The plant is designed to supply electricity at a capacity factor of 51% (4,467 hours per year).

The project will allow for continues operation of up to 24 hours a day of electricity supply to the national grid, thanks to the bGen™ storage unit.