Storaged based Co-Generation

Charged with flue gas, Deliver Industrial Heat on Demand 


Ideal for Commercial or industrial energy consumer which operates a fossil fuel generator and has demand for hot water. The bGen connects to the genset exhaust and collects it’s thermal energy, which is usually wasted, to heat the storage media. The bGen stores the energy and delivers hot water/steam on demand.

Residual heat can be used to charge the unit at intervals or continuously for 24 hours. Charging and discharging can take place in parallel or in sequences with no dependency between the charging cycles and discharging cycle. The separate cycles inside the unit enable full control and flexibility for the charging and discharging conditions in regards to timing, flow and temperatures. Multiple units can be Integrated to form a bigger storage based heat supply according the customer required size.

By using the residual heat and decoupling the thermal energy consumption from the electrical consumption – the bGen TM will highly increase the cycle efficiency.