Biomass to Heat

Storage Based Steam Generator 

Charged With Biomass, Deliver Industrial Heat on Demand BS-7011

PFD Biomass to heat.png

The BS-7011 product from Brenmiller Energy is a high temperature Energy storage unit, charged from a Biomass energy source when heat is available. Through the patented technology, utilizing inherently the heat exchanger, the steam generator and the storage media, the charged heat is stored internally and delivered as Industrial Steam, Hot water or Hot Air only when required to by the industrial process or tool. The technology decouples between the continuous charging time of the Biomass source and the different delivery time slots of the output.

Therefore, the Biomass source can be used for charging over 24 hours while the BS-7011 can deliver its steam or Hot water from the internal heat only at the selected time slots, as required by process or tool. The system functionality is of a high importance for industries where the Natural Gas is more expesive than the Biomass source, pellets or wood chips, and for small and medium factories which can not switch to Biomass due to the economics of smaller factory steam consumption. Multiple BS-7011 units can be used to form the required size.