Storage based Generation System

A unique configuration combining 3 key elements


bGen™ Thermal Storage

Key Advanteges

Lower price per $/kW stored

Lowest price per KWh stored, $1-2 cents

Multiple Heat Sources

Seamless integration of any given heat source

Lifetime Durability

Unlimited discharging cycles

Renewable Source

Only environment-friendly materials used

Low Maintenance

Passive unit with minimal O&M and unlimited cycles


From 500KWh to Several GWh

Leading storage technologies

Batteries Molten Salt Pumped Hydro bGen™ Thermal Storage
Installation Size 1kW-10MW 20MW and up 100MW and up 0.5MW and up to 100’s of MW’s
Cost per kWe Stored* ** $300-$3,500 $310-$700 $500-$4,600 $80
Round Trip Efficiency 75%-95% 40%-93% 50%-85% 95%
Key Facts Operation mode affects life cycle (limited economic lifetime) Active unit, requires constant heating (high O&M cost) to prevent solidification, corrosion Topographical and geology requirements Passive unit (low O&M cost), operation mode doesn’t affect life cycle
Environmental Impacts Hazardous (chemical / non recycle) Hazardous (freezing risk) Severe ground interference Non-hazardous materials

Solar Field

What is the Enhanced Solar Collector?

Our solar collectors have been enhanced, overcoming persistent problems with CSP technology, and now deliver the best performance at the lowest cost.

The Enhanced Solar Collector is a modular unit, 12 meters long, that focuses the heat of the sun to produce reliable, high-temperature steam. The key element in the collector, the receiver tube, is fixed in position at the focal point of the parabola, which uses its own solar-powered driver to track the sun. The parabola simply moves around the tube, heating our water-based heat transfer fluid to temperatures over 500 degrees. The collectors use Brenmiller’s floating field concept; a system of rails that eliminates the need for leveling and minimizes habitat destruction. Designed from the ground up to avoid the pitfalls of CSP technology, our solar collector is the most complete solution on the market.